E-commerce and e-procurement

Simplify ordering and procurement

Interested in doing business with IDT? We make it easy by providing direct integration with your e-purchasing systems. From punch-out catalogs and ordering portals to secure web services, our full range of solutions simplify ordering of IDT products and make it easier to manage inventory, track spending, and operate more efficiently.

Custom punchouts

Support large purchasing groups with accountability and seamless integration into your existing e-procurement workflow. IDT supports many e-procurement providers such as SciQuest, Ariba and Perfect Commerce. Our web service technology supports access to product information via punchout to the IDT catalog.


  • Streamline internal procurement processes
  • Automate delivery of purchase orders
  • Receive invoices electronically
  • Reduce administrative costs


  • Compatible with SciQuest, Ariba and Perfect Commerce
  • Support for cXML and OCI standards

Custom ordering portals

IDT portals provide core labs, distributors, and institutions with an approval system for managing orders. With our customized payment options, we can record additional payment information specific to your institution for your convenience, allowing you to manage large ordering groups and budgets more easily.


  • Better control of your research budget and purchasing activity
  • Lower shipping costs through consolidated shipping
  • Save time with order history and tracking information in one location


  • Customer approval and order approval
  • Ability to enable or disable specific product lines
  • Support for blanket POs and other billing options
  • Consolidated shipping reports
  • Support for user-defined fields (UDF) 
  • Customizable portal landing pages (including logos)

Need to know more?

For more information about IDT e-commerce, e-procurement, and business integration services, email us at tpmi-solutions@idtdna.com.