Buffers and Solutions

While many researchers continue to store oligonucleotides in water, resuspension in a buffered solution such as TE is recommended. DNA oligonucleotides can be damaged by prolonged incubation or storage in even mildly acidic solutions; DNA dissolved in distilled water will often have a final pH <5.0 and is at risk for depurination. RNA will degrade in alkaline conditions. Further, single-stranded nucleic acids can easily be degraded by trace contamination with a variety of nucleases that are common contaminants in a normal laboratory environment. Any solution used to resuspend and store DNA or RNA should be both RNase and DNase free. It is recommended that stock oligo solutions be made at high concentration and stored frozen. More dilute working solutions can be made from the stocks at intervals as needed.

IDTE (1X TE Solution)

For initial resuspension and storage of DNA and RNA oligos

Nuclease Decontamination Solution

For irreversible inactivation of nucleases—can be applied to most laboratory surfaces

Nuclease-Free Water

For short-term storage and dilution of stock oligos 

Nuclease-Free Duplex Buffer

For annealing of single-stranded oligonucleotides

The following solutions are for resuspension and dilution of oligos. Solutions are guaranteed to be DNase and RNase free. Each lot is tested using our RNaseAlert® and DNaseAlert™ reagents to document the absence of any detectable nuclease activity. Individual lots are screened for endotoxins using a Limulis Abocyte Lysate (LAL) assay.


A 1X TE buffer for initial resuspension and storage of DNA and RNA oligos.

DescriptionPart #Pricing
10 x 2 ml IDTE pH 7.5 (1X TE Solution)11-01-02-02$18.00 USD
1 Liter IDTE pH 7.5 (1X TE Solution)11-05-01-05$30.00 USD
4 x 1 Liter IDTE pH 7.5 (1X TE Solution)11-05-02-03$95.00 USD
4 x 1 Liter IDTE pH 8.0 (1X TE Solution)11-05-02-04$95.00 USD
10 x 2 ml IDTE pH 8.0 (1X TE Solution)11-01-02-05$18.00 USD
1 Liter IDTE pH 8.0 (1X TE Solution)11-05-01-09$30.00 USD
300 mL IDTE pH 7.5 (1X TE Solution)11-05-01-15$18.00 USD
300 mL IDTE pH 8.0 (1X TE Solution)11-05-01-13$18.00 USD

IDTE (10 mM Tris, pH 7.5 or 8.0, 0.1 mM EDTA)


Many RNases and DNases are naturally found in the environment. Further, a variety of nucleases are employed in routine molecular biology methods and can accidentally contaminate lab surfaces at very high levels. In particular, RNases can be very difficult to eliminate and can cause damage to projects that require manipulations of intact RNA samples, such as functional genomics experiments, real-time quantitative PCR, microarrays, etc.

Nuclease Decontamination Solution irreversibly inactivates nucleases and can be applied to most lab surfaces to remove nuclease contamination. Just spray, rinse and let dry. Nuclease Decontamination Solution eliminates the need to bake glassware and can be applied to plastic surfaces which are difficult to sterilize.

DescriptionPart #Pricing
250 mL Nuclease Decontamination Solution11-05-01-01$35.00 USD
6 x 250 mL Nuclease Decontamination Solution11-05-03-01$165.00 USD

Nuclease Decontamination Solution


Suitable for making dilute working solutions from stock oligos. Can be used to store DNA and RNA oligos, but should only be used for short durations. 

DescriptionPart #Pricing
1 Liter Nuclease Free Water11-05-01-04$28.00 USD
10 x 2ml Nuclease Free Water11-04-02-01$16.00 USD
4 x 1 Liter Nuclease Free Water11-05-02-02$90.00 USD
300 mL Nuclease Free Water11-05-01-14$14.00 USD

Nuclease-free Water


For initial resuspension, annealing, and storage of duplex RNAi products.

DescriptionPart #Pricing
1 Liter Nuclease Free Duplex Buffer11-05-01-03$30.00 USD
1 Liter Nuclease Free Water11-05-01-04$28.00 USD
10 x 2 mL Nuclease Free Duplex Buffer11-01-03-01$15.00 USD
4 x 1 Liter Nuclease Free Duplex Buffer11-05-02-01$95.00 USD
300 mL Nuclease Free Duplex Buffer11-05-01-12$18.00 USD

Duplex Buffer (30 mM HEPES, pH 7.5, 100 mM Potassium Acetate)