MGB Eclipse® Probes and Primers

qPCR Reagents for Molecular Clinical Diagnostics

PCR is an important tool for in vitro diagnosis and patient management. The gold standard for qPCR is 5’ nuclease assays, using probes that incorporate a minor groove binder.

MGB Eclipse® Probe. The MGB enables the use or short (13–20 base) probes that improve allelic discrimination and targeting of AT-rich regions in qPCR assays.

We have combined our oligo manufacturing expertise and ISO 13485 certified production process to deliver MGB Eclipse® Probes and companion GMP primers for use as components in clinical diagnostic tests.


A variety of fluorophore choices allow you to select fluorescent dyes compatible with your instrument and easily design multiplex assays. MGB stabilizes hybridization and increases Tm, allowing for shorter oligos that are better suited for allelic discrimination and targeting AT-rich regions.

New! Yakima Yellow® dye now available!


  • Equivalent, robust assay performance compared to other manufacturers
  • More economical cost per reaction with faster and more reliable delivery times
  • ISO 13485 certified production process and licensed under MGB Eclipse patents for use in human IVD applications

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Licensed under MGB Eclipse patents for use by end-users in human IVD applications. 
For use as a component in the Purchaser's IVD applications only. 
MGB Eclipse is a registered trademark of Elitech Group.

MGB Eclipse® Probes and Primers

For use as a component in the Purchaser's Human IVD applications only.

$205.00 USD
$405.00 USD
$605.00 USD
$255.00 USD
$510.00 USD
$755.00 USD
$255.00 USD
$510.00 USD
$755.00 USD
$255.00 USD
$510.00 USD
$755.00 USD

MGB Eclipse® Probes

  Normalized Final Yield (nmole)
Dye Quencher 6 20 50
FAM MGB Eclipse
HEX MGB Eclipse
TET MGB Eclipse
YAK MGB Eclipse

GMP Companion Primers

25 nmol GMP Companion Primer$0.88 USD / bp
80 nmol GMP Companion Primer$1.52 USD / bp
200 nmol GMP Companion Primer$3.12 USD / bp

Turnaround time and shipment conditions

Standard desalt products typically ship in 2 weeks.
Purified products typically ship in 3 weeks.

Lyophilized products will be shipped under ambient conditions.
Resuspended products will be shipped on dry ice.

MGB Eclipse® Probes and companion primers

IDT offers MGB Eclipse probes for use in human in vitro diagnostic applications. These probe and companion primers are ideal for genotyping analyses. Here are some advantages of using these probes:

Multiple fluorophore options

  • FAM, HEXTM, TETTM or Yakima Yellow® 
  • Provides flexibility in choice of qPCR system
  • Allows multiplex assay designs
  • MGB Eclipse Quencher

MGB Eclipse Quencher

  • Stabilizes hybridization, which raises the Tm of the oligo, allowing shorter oligos to be used compared to traditional 5´ nuclease probes

Oligonucleotide length

  • Typically 13–20 bases, which aids allelic discrimination and enables targeting of AT­-rich regions

Probe and primer sequence information

  • Gives you full control of your test development and commercialization

GMP processes

IDT GMP processes are transparent and can be reviewed via the Oligo Master Records upon request. Visit GMP for Molecular Diagnostics for more information about our GMP processes.

For additional information, contact or your IDT Sales Representative.


Genotyping Applications

MGB Eclipse® probes and primers are ideal for genotyping analysis by qPCR.

Comparison qPCR studies of multiple MGB™ probe and primer sets manufactured by IDT versus those made by another leading manufacturer demonstrated equivalent genotyping calls for KRAS mutations and high specificity for the appropriate wild-type or mutant allele (Figure 1). End-point fluorescent signal intensities were similar or slightly higher using MGB Eclipse® Probes from IDT.

Comparison Genotyping Data

Figure 1. Genotyping Results From KRAS G12R qPCR Assays Using Probe and Primers Manufactured by IDT and Another Leading Manufacturer. The KRAS G12R qPCR assays used MGB Eclipse® probes (FAM dye—wild-type probe; TET™ dye—mutant probe) and primers made by either IDT or another leading manufacturer (Company L). Reactions (10 µL) were run with 104 copies of wild-type, mutant, or pooled wild-type/mutant template (IDT® gBlocks® Gene Fragments) and TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix (Life Technologies) on a CFX384 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System (BioRad). Cycling conditions were 3 min. 95°C; 50 x (10 sec. 95°C, 30 sec. 60°C).

About GMP manufacturing at IDT

Our GMP Manufacturing services include dedicated ordering, production, final-fill, and shipping systems that meet the elevated quality standards required for products in clinical or commercial applications. ISO 13485:2003 certified, compliant with US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Quality System Regulation (QSR) 21 CFR Part 820, and facility registered with FDA, IDT is a contract GMP manufacturer of oligonucleotide reagent components for in vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs) and analyte-specific reagents (ASRs) for laboratory-developed tests (LDTs).